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Exam Details

Updated 11/1/2014

To obtain the Network+ certification you must pass one exam called N10-005. Here's a quick breakdown of the exam specifications:

Exam Questions Time Allowed Passing Score Cost
N10-005 Maximum of 100 90 minutes 720 $269

The passing score of 720 is graded on a scale of 100-900. Mathematically, this is equal to answering 78% correct on the exam. This exam is considered to be more difficult than the A+ exams and is usually taken after the A+ and before the Security+. CompTIA expects a person to have 9 months networking experience, and the A+ certification before attempting the Network+ exam (or Net+ as it is often called).

The bulk of the exam is made up of multiple choice questions, but there will be a few performance-based questions as well. In these simulation questions you will drag and drop answers to their correct locations, and perform step-by-step simulations. (See this link to CompTIA's website for more information about CompTIA performance-based questions.)

The content of the exam is described by CompTIA in an objectives document. You can download the objectives (in .PDF format) by clicking the following link:

N10-005 Objectives

Or, by clicking here and filling out the form.

The Network+ objectives are broken down into five domains. Each domain covers a particular percentage of the exam as shown below:

  • 1.0 Network Concepts (21%)
  • 2.0 Network Installation and Configuration (23%)
  • 3.0 Network Media and Topologies (17%)
  • 4.0 Network Management (20%)
  • 5.0 Network Security (19%)

Even though some domains are weighted more heavily than others, it's important to study all of the domains, and all of the objectives within each domain. Exam questions can come from any of the objectives. And CompTIA can change the exam questions at any time. One person's exam may differ greatly from another person's. Study everything thoroughly, and you will ensure a passing score, regardless of what questions you see.

Suggested study materials


Study guides such as the Exam Cram or Cert Guide can be supplemented with other books such as Wendell Odom's Introduction to Networking and Douglas Comer's Computer Networks and Internets. For more interactive training, consider the Network+ LiveLessons and the Network+ Simulator. I always recommend using more than one study tool so that you can get a more balanced and complete perspective of the the Network+ concetps. And of course, use my Network+ SOLVED! Practice Exams after your other study methods.

Network+ exam costs

The cost of the Network+ exam shown in the previous table is for exams taken in the United States. (Other countries prices will vary.) The exam fee is not paid directly to CompTIA however. You must register for, and schedule the exam with Pearson Vue. This organization administers the exam at a testing facility near you, so it is the one to be paid. You can register online or by phone. Be sure to have a credit card ready and your Social Security#. If you do not have a Social Security number and this is your first exam, the testing agency will assign you an examinee number. Be sure to take two forms of ID (one with photo, both signed) to the testing center on the day of your exam. For help on how to pass any exam, see my article at this link. Additional information on how to take the test from CompTIA's site can be found at this link.

Question: Should I take a class on Network+?

Answer: If you have not built a network before, or do not have the recommended 9 months of experience in the field, I would normally recommend an instructor-led authorized CompTIA Network+ course. I'm talking about an on-site course where you can learn in a hands-on manner from a dedicated instructor in a classroom that has plenty of networking equipment: switches, routers, cabling, tools, and of course, computers and servers. The training center should also have the software required for operating system installations (Windows Server 2008, Linux, and so on...). If you are brand new to computers, I recommend an introductory computer course and then take the A+ course before moving on to the Network+ course. Net+ courses can be taken at county and community colleges, technical schools, and even some high schools.

Question: What do I get when I pass the exam?

Answer: First of all, when you complete the exam at the testing center a printout will be given to you. This will tell you your score among other things and acts as proof that you passed. It is the responsibility of the testing center to give you this printout, make sure you receive it.

Afterward you can either download your certificate in PDF format from CompTIA (directions on how to do this are on your score report), or request a printed certificate. An example of my certificate is shown below. You'll note that you can verify a person's certificate by going to the link at the bottom left of the certificate and entering the code listed above it. You can also setup a transcript for employers to view. They will be able to see what CompTIA certifications you passed (that you select for viewing), but not the scores. To see an example of a transcript with some of my CompTIA certs, go to this link and enter the following code: 5TT8BMVKLEVQK1ZP

Good luck, and contact me if you have any questions!

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