Storage Device Installation: AV-Editor PC Build

This video shows how to install various storage devices into a PC including a 250 GB Samsung SSD which is installed to the AV-Editor computer that I discuss in my videos and books. Check out my video series and books today: A+ 220-901 Video Course A+ Exam Cram 220-901/220-902 A+ Exam Cram Practice Questions

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HTPC1 is now fully operational.

Just built a new HTPC for personal use. I named it HTPC1. (Quite original I know.) This functions as a secondary workstation in the house, but it also acts as my “server” and “funstation” (no it doesn’t have a bouncy castle, but it has just about everything else.) I like to document systems that I build here on my website. I believe articles such as […] read more

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