Tech QOTD: Mind your insecurities. (Security+)


Tech question of the day (Security+): Examine the figure. What two insecure configurations can you identify? (Disregard any ALG implications…)

(see answer below and video response)

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Recommended Pen Testing Tools

– Describes some of the commonly used penetration testing tools such as NMAP, Metasploit, the Pwn Plug, and Wireshark.


– Pwn Plug R3

– Linksys WRT54G router:

– Nmap:

– Nmap Network Scanning book:

– Metasploit:

– Metasploit the Penetration Tester’s Guide:

– Mastering Metasploit:

– Nessus:

– Wireshark:

– Microsoft Network […] read more

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