Errata – Security+ Cert Guide SY0-501

This page contains errata, typos, and additions for the Security+ Cert Guide SY0-501 Standard Edition (blue cover).

(Errors are in red. Modifications are in blue. Additions and typos are not color-coded. Page numbers refer to the print book. For e-books, refer to the Chapter and Section.)

Error: Chapter 3, Page 60, “Use a BIOS password” bullet: The term “supervisor” should be “administrator”.

Addition: Chapter 12: PIA and PTA were not covered:

Addition: Chapter 14, Page 491, Diffie-Hellman section. Groups was not covered.

Error: Index, Page 752, “Application layer” should be lower-case: “application layer”. Individual OSI layers are not proper nouns and should not be capitalized.

Addition: Chapter 16, Page 560: MTBF


Addition: Port & Protocol Use Cases:

Addition: Encryption Use Cases: