SOHO Router Resets & EM Meter Basics

Hello friends! In this video I show how to reset a router by using the reset button and the router reset within the firmware. I also demonstrate how to use an EM meter to measure the output of the antennas. Click to watch the video and scroll down for more information.

This TP-Link AC5400 device performed well for its intended use. A couple of things I noted with this device (hardware v2) include the lack of syslog support, and also passwords are displayed in clear text when you type them (come on now…) – that’s as of firmware version 160310. But otherwise, it works well. Of course, there are always newer routers arriving… as of the writing of this post, the AD7200 is the latest – it incorporates a 60 GHz band.

See this link for the AC5400 emulator. Great way to practice on the router without having to buy it!

See this link for the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter. I use it fairly often, as an analog meter it meets my requirements for testing EM fields, electric fields, and magnetic fields.

Do you enjoy learning by watching? Check out these video courses. They go way beyond my videos on YouTube!


And here are the A+ Exam Cram books. Enjoy!


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