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Succeeding in the IT Workplace

This article assumes that you have already obtained a position in the IT field. Click here for some suggestions on how to find IT jobs.

Your success in the IT field depends on several factors including: your technical ability, your character, your people skills, your good health, and your ambition level. I break success down into these five categories because it’s an easy way for […] read more

Specializing in the IT Field

I get this question from readers and students quite often: “How can I get ahead in the IT field?”

Over the years I have learned that the best answer is to specialize. Of course that isn’t the only answer to the question of getting ahead, but it’s what this article is all about. By specializing in a particular branch of IT, a person increases his […] read more

How to find that IT Job

So, you’ve studied your brains out. You’ve set up a home lab. You’ve installed, configured, troubleshot, and maintained computers. You’ve acquired the certifications. Now it’s time for the payoff, that IT job. But finding that IT job may be more difficult than you imagined. In fact, most people agree that finding an IT job is harder work than the actual job itself! You could say […] read more

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