Subnetting Tables and Tools

Subnetting can be ponderous. This post acts as a repository for subnetting information that is pertinent to certification exams and is important for the job. It contains subnetting tables for IPv4 class A, B, and C networks. It also has various links including two of my favorite subnetting calculators.

Watch my introductory lesson on subnetting here:


– Online IP Subnet Calculator: An excellent […] read more

Data Networking Toolkit

Just the other day, a Network+ student asked me what computer networking tools I use, and which I recommend for a person just starting out in the field. I get the question pretty often so I figured I’d write a short article about it.

For those of you that work at a decent organization, you should be supplied with whatever tools are necessary (within limits). […] read more

Informit Network+ Articles

I have 2 Network+ screencast/articles that can be found on the InformIT site at the following links: Configuring an L2TP-based VPN:

DNS Server Configuration:


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