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NVMe M.2 SSD Install – 960 PRO – 512 GB

Hello friends. Today I’m installing and testing a Samsung 960 PRO 512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD.

Click to watch the video—20 minutes. Read on for more information.

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NAS Box Install DS218+, WD 4 TB Red, RAID1, RAM Upgrade, CompTIA A+

Today I am installing a Synology DS218+ network attached storage (NAS) box and configuring it as a 4 TB RAID 1 array. Click to watch the video—28 minutes, for beginners. Scroll down for more information.

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SOHO Router Resets & EM Meter Basics

Hello friends! In this video I show how to reset a router by using the reset button and the router reset within the firmware. I also demonstrate how to use an EM meter to measure the output of the antennas. Click to watch the video and scroll down for more information.

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ASUS GTX 970 Video Card Upgrade

I decided to upgrade the video card of the AV-Editor computer. This is mainly because I needed a better card for video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia. Check out this monster of a card (click the photo to enlarge).

I go through the hardware and software install and config as well as a little benchmarking in the video below. I kept the […] read more

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Boot Issues (focuses on BSODs)

Shows a couple blue screens of death (BSODs) – other wise known as stop errors – in Windows 7, and how to troubleshoot and avoid them. One of a hundred sub-lessons within the A+ 220-902 Video Course

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