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Where to Find the Answers to Technology Questions and Problems

This video/article is intended to demonstrate where (and how) to find the answers to technical questions and problems. I discuss some of the basic rules I live by and have listed a condensed version of them below. 27 minutes – for beginners. Watch the video here:

First, let me explain why I don’t answer technical questions on my website (other than ones specifically related […] read more

How to Prevent Smartphone Fires – 12 Suggestions

This video gives some basic tips on how to prevent smartphone fires (listed below). If you have immediate concerns about your own phone catching fire, then shut it down and bring it to an authorized repair center right away.

Here are my 12 suggestions:

1. Use the correct manufacturer’s charging cable!

2. Replace the battery with one from the manufacturer.

3. Inspect your battery twice […] read more

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