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Building a Computer Network (BACN) Video Course


Check out the Building a Computer Network video course. In the BACN course I build a “basic” network from scratch in my lab. The course is virtually all hands-on and is a great way to learn the basics of computer networking. It also serves as a good supplement to your CompTIA A+ or Network+ training.

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SOHO Router Resets & EM Meter Basics


Hello friends! In this video I show how to reset a router by using the reset button and the router reset within the firmware. I also demonstrate how to use an EM meter to measure the output of the antennas. Click to watch the video and scroll down for more information.

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Tech QOTD – Xbox Ports – A+


Take a look at the figure and answer the following two questions. (Click to enlarge. See the answer and video response below.)

What type of HDMI cable do we need to output 4K video? Which of the ports is an optical port?


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Giveaway – 4/26/2017


Answer the following questions accurately to win the Giveaway. Fill out the form below to submit your answers. (Click the figure to enlarge)

This giveaway ended 4/27/2017. Congratulations to the winners!

Questions: In order to output 4K video, what type of HDMI cable do we need? Which of the ports is an optical port?



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