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The A+ Exam Cram 6th Edition is the ultimate quick study guide to help you pass the A+ 220-801 and 220-802 exams.

— Over 500 practice questions,

— Plenty of hands-on examples,

— A variety of study aids, such as the famous Cram Sheet

This book is all the aspiring PC technician needs to pass the CompTIA A+ exams. Click here to order yours today.

Click this link for my main article on the A+ certification.

Latest A+ Articles:

Keeping a Well-Maintained Computer

The A+ Exam Cram 6th Edition delves into the maintenance of your PC’s hardware and software. This short article summarizes how you can keep your computer running fast and strong. By maintaining the computer, you are hardening it as well, making it more impervious to security breaches. I would estimate that 80 to 90% of the PC problems I see are related to a lack of maintenance. I [...] read more

File Attributes and Attrib.exe

In the A+Exam Cram 6th Edition I discuss the basics of files and folders and how to access and work with them in the GUI and in the command line. To further understand how to secure files, let’s talk about the available file attributes. They start with the group of attributes known as RASH:

- Read-only (R): Write-protects the file so that it cannot be modified.

- Archive (A): Its [...] read more

Latest A+ Videos:

Troubleshooting an IP issue with ipconfig (220-802)

Sharing and Mapping in the Command Prompt (220-802)

Msconfig Usage (220-802)


On Sale Now:

The A+ Exam Cram Practice Questions 5th Edition is the perfect companion to the A+ Exam Cram study guide. It contains the following:

— Over 700 practice questions,

— In-depth explanations

— Test engine on disc

For those of you who want additional Q&A, this is the tool to use. This edition is my first, it was written from scratch to properly match up with the new edition of the main A+ Exam Cram. We also lowered the price for this product to make it easier for you to afford!

"Tip of the day"

To increase performance in Windows 7, change the theme to Windows 7 Basic, or better yet, Windows 7 Classic!

On Sale Now:

The Security+ Cert Guide is the one and only study guide you will need to pass the CompTIA Security+ SY0-301 certification exam. It has:

— Over 600 practice questions, and in-depth answers

— 25 hands-on labs and video solutions

— 25 interactive video exercises

— Beautiful hard cover

Click this link for the main article on the Security+ certification, and for additional videos and resources.

Microsoft updates password checker program

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but the Microsoft password checker at the Safety & Security Center has increased it’s requirement for strong passwords. Just a year ago, a password such as |ocrian7 (which I show in my A+ Exam Cram) was considered “strong”. Now, it’s considered to be “weak.” It’s an inevitable sign of the times. Password cracking programs and the computers that [...] read more

On Sale Now:

The Network+ Exam Cram is an excellent tool when studying for the CompTIA Network+ N10-005 exam.

Brand new to computer networking? Try these study materials:

Network+ Cert Guide

Network+ Simulator

Click this link for my main article on the Network+ certification, and for additional videos and resources.


Data Networking Toolkit

Just the other day, a Network+ student asked me what computer networking tools I use, and which I recommend for a person just starting out in the field. I get the question pretty often so I figured I’d write a short article about it.

For those of you that work at a decent organization, you should be supplied with whatever tools are necessary (within limits). [...] read more

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